Vision for Mission Trip

After last year's camp, our youth and leaders have been wanting to go back and experience God in a powerful and new way. To reconnect and build genuine relationships, our mission trip has been extended a few days longer than last year. This will give us an opportunity to meet new people, and minister the Gospel in a impactful way.

This year, we will be partnering with Pastor Jonah Ka’auwai, who will lead us into cultural and spiritual experiences, which will give the youth an opportunity to witness the love of Jesus. Our goal is to see your youth be empowered with confidence and vision; to live in full obedience with an identity in Christ. Our hopes is to train your youth to see the opportunities of what it means to love and minister to others around them. We want them to carry the assurance that Jesus is their Savior, friend, and life source. That they can be transformed, not just for a short time, but for years leading into eternity; and we firmly believe that this is attainable! Join us in prayer together in seeing the next generation lit with a new fire for Christ.

Goal for Missions Trip

  • To build a team of 60-70 people, both youth and leaders.

  • To be a helpful hand in practical ways to churches and people in Kaunakakai.

  • To enagage in organic ministry in the town of Kaunakakai, and develop youth to minister with confidence.

  • To be baptized in the Spirit and ask the Lord for new gifts to empower our minstry.

  • To clear our minds and hearts from distractions and grow deeper in relationship with Jesus and with each other.

  • To lead the youth into a better sense of identity, seeing themselves as God sees them, as well as giving them the ability to recognize the spiritual design God created within them.

  • To see the youth have an itimate, real, and empowering experience with God that will solidify their faith for years to come.

Ways You Can Help

  • Clear & adjust your youth's schedules so they can be apart of this awersome Mission Trip

  • Tell other parents & invite other youth

  • Help plan fundraisers**

  • Join the team as a Leader**

**For these ways of helping, please contact us at



Cost of Mission Trip

Cost per student is $300 (this includes registration and airfare). Payment will be collected in person with Associate/Youth Pastor Mark Stinton. Please contact us if there are any questions or if finances may become a barrier.


We(the church) will provide transportation to and from the airport when leaving and arriving from Moloka'i.

Packing List? Spending money? Electronics?

After registering, a Packing List will be sent to the email address in the Your Information section. Parent(s)/Guardian(s), please be sure to fill in your name and email in the 'Your Information' during registration.

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Registration and completion of Activity and Medical Waiver is required


Click below to download the waiver. Have it signed and turned in to Pastor Mark Stinton
BEFORE Sunday, July 7th, 2019. Each student will need to have a Activity and Medial Wavier completed prior to participating in Moloka’i Mission Trip. Any registration without a signed Activity and Medical Waiver will forfeit their participation in the Moloka’i Mission Trip 2019.

Waivers can be delivered in person to Pastor Mark or emailed to