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Check out some of the content from our latest life group resource material.  It is a great way to follow along with us, as we journey through small groups, together.



Practicing the Way is a Pathway to Becoming Like Jesus in Community. The Practices are designed to be done over four weeks in a small group or larger community. The weekly gathering for teaching and conversation is one hour long. We curate modern and ancient formation voices as we offer recommended reading, a companion podcast series for each Practice, and weekly Reach Exercises for those that want to dig deeper.


If someone asked you to explain the gospel, what would you say? What is the good news of the Christian faith? Writing to the Galatians, Paul made it clear how easily we can be tempted to turn toward fraudulent gospels, especially those that teach we can earn God’s love through our works. Though they may have the appearance of truth, they are lifeless and leave us empty in the end.

In this Book of the Bible series, Kyle Idleman dives into the book of Galatians, one that contains some of the clearest explanations of the gospel in the New Testament. Through biblical study and engaging lessons, Kyle shows that true freedom is found in surrender, not self-dependence. Because our gospel is not one based on our works, but faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

If you're leading a group through this study, Kyle has some words of guidance for you in this training post.

This series is part of our year-long roadmaps of adult Bible study curriculum—learn more.